"We have worked with MAYA Films for the production of the demo films for the Mobile One launch. These films were effective in their communication and creative content. Team MAYA worked cohesively with our Department and managed the complete co-ordination and production very efficiently, and delivered the films within the short and crucial timeline. Maya Chandra also drafed the speeches for the Hon'ble President of India and our chief Minister, which were well appreciated for their content and messasging...." 

Dr. Rathan Kelkar I.A.S, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for e-Governance

“We appreciate your dedicated effort and contribution in the successful execution of a Corporate film for PI India..”

Dan Tidwell, President, TYCO Healthcare, USA

“The contents were brought out in a logical sequence. The doctor and the patient experience were captured very well. The audio and video were of good quality. The filling procedure was appreciated for its detail and video quality.
Not a single CD has reported any hitch while being run by any of our team members or by any doctor.”

VIKAS BEDI, Marketing Manager-Medication Delivery Group, Baxter India

“I thank you and your entire team for the fabulous production of ‘The High Performance Entrepreneur’. I have seldom seen the kind of cerebral capacity, affection for the theme and willingness to learn as I have found in all of you...”

Subroto Bagchi, COO-MindTree Ltd.

“Maya introduced us to the usefulness of seeking professional help for our scientific and social communications...“

Dr.Vivek Jawali, Chief Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon & Director, Fortis Hospitals.

“Your work was very good from briefing to final stage. You did a great shooting with very nice shots...”

Stefan Gissels, Vice-President, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium

“Maya Chandra demonstrated a high level of commitment towards meeting our delivery schedules and a good attitude in having an interactive and positive dialogue during the entire contract...”

Damodhar Padhi, General Manager-India Engineering Operations, GE India

“Maya has the ability to understand the client’s objectives and designs the communication package accordingly...”

Vivek Kulkarni - Ex-Secretary, Department of IT & BT, Government of Karnataka

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